MS6050MATOK Full Activation Master Token (6050)
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MS6050MATOK Full Activation Master Token (6050) MS6050MATOK Full Activation Master Token (6050)

MS6050MATOK Full Activation Master Token (6050)

  • $ 649.00

Full Activation Master Token
(for MS6050 units)

Do you have a MS6050 Motorscan motorcycle universal scan tool? Use the MS6050MATOK Full Activation Master Software to enable your scanner to work 50 different brands. The Multi-Brand Diagnostic Scan Tool is ideal for shops and individuals who work on a wide variety of manufacturers. In order to install the software, go to "Installation Guide" tab and follow the instructions.

Please Note: The unit's hardware ID (HW ID) number activation is not required if purchased together with a MS6050 unit. When purchased separately, we will need the corresponding MS6050 unit's HW ID for activation. It is located on the back of the scan tool.

How to install MS6050MATOC Full Activation Master Software

In order to use the MS6050MATOC for activating motorcycle diagnostic tool software, you need to have purchased it. After the purchase, you will receive a token file via email. Save it on your PC. Please follow the steps below in order to activate token:

Motorscan 6050 Application Manager software download

  • Connect the MS6050 to a PC via USB cable
  • Turn on the MS6050
  • Stay on the start up page of the MS6050
  • If this is a first time connection:
    • Wait until the driver installation finishes
    • Wait until the remote storage device MS6050 is detected by the PC.
  • Otherwise, wait until remote storage device MS6050 is detected by the PC.



Disable the power save function on the MS6050 device as shown per instructions below

“How to disable power save function”


  • Select “Settings” button in the lower right corner
  • Select “Setup” button
  • Select “Energy Saving” button
  • Pressing the right arrow button to turn the energy saving option to OFF
  • Return and leave the 6050 on the startup page.
  • Make sure that the 6050 unit is connected to the PC. From the desktop, run the previously installed application.
  • Press the highlighted button
  • Press the “6050” button to download the latest software version from the Internet. Make sure there is a working internet connection on the PC.
  • Select the latest software version and download onto PC
  • Press the "Install" button
  • When installation is complete, press "Back" button.
  • Press the ”License” button
  • Click the “Fast Install“ button to download all tokens


  • Wait until the process finishes


Use the links below to download the Master Software installation guide and the MS6050 Application Manager software:

Motorscan 6050 Full Activation Master Software installation guide

Motorscan 6050 Application Manager software download

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