Video Scope Kit (P/N ANSED/VS-55H)
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Video Scope Kit (P/N ANSED/VS-55H) Video Scope Kit (P/N ANSED/VS-55H) Video Scope Kit (P/N ANSED/VS-55H)

Video Scope Kit (P/N ANSED/VS-55H)

  • $ 699.00

ANSED Video Scope Kit w/ 5,5mm Probe w/ Hyperion Technology, complete with 1 mirror 110°, AV Cable, USB Cable, SD Card (4GB) and 4 AA Batteries in a Plastic Carrying Case.

A Unique Design Featuring Hyperion Tecnology

Video Monitor:

  • Shock Resistant, glass screen (not plastic)
  • Large 3.5” screen
  • Full-featured compact design
  • Date/Time Stamp on Monitor and Photos/Videos

5.5mm Probe:

  • With unique Hyperion Technology
  • IP67 rated dust & fluid
  • Resistant to all fuels, water, coolants, oils, brake fluid, and transmission fluid
  • Shock-resistant camera with anti-reflection lens
  • Ergonomic probe connection with 2-step connector for a more secure fit

Distinctive Features

  • Zoom: Digital Zoom 3x and 5x
  • Mirroring - Complete Mirroring and Rotating of Image
  • Hyperion Technology on a 5.5mm Probe
Hyperion Technology









ANSED/VS-55H Complete Kit contains:

  • 5.5mm Probe with Hyperion
  • 1 mirror 110°
  • AV Cable – 1m (39”) L
  • USB Cable – 1m (39”) L
  • SD Card – 4GB Capacity
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Plastic Carrying Case

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