Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Kit (P/N ANSED/AUTOplus5)
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Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Kit (P/N ANSED/AUTOplus5) Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Kit (P/N ANSED/AUTOplus5)

Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Kit (P/N ANSED/AUTOplus5)

  • $ 3,695.00

ANSED 5-Gas Diagnostic System Kit, includes KANE 5-Gas AUTOplus, EPAUTO7 Probe, 110v Charger and Mains Lead, 12V DC Charger, CL5 USB cable, Manual, Filters, ANSED Software (1st Yr Subscription) & KANE LIVE Graphing Software in a Soft Shoulder Carry Bag.

 KANE AUTOplus Gas Analyzer

  • Tests HC, O2, CO, CO2, NOX and Lambda
  • All readings LIVE, not calculated
  • Self-calibrating, no cal-gas required
  • Dyno not required for NOx testing

KANE LIVE Graphing Software

  • Display LIVE readings on PC
  • Bluetooth™ or USB cable
  • Save data to PC

ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics Software

  • Effective interpretation of exhaust gas readings
  • Offers problem identification and potential solutions
  • Diagnose no-code drivability & performance issues
  • Insure catalytic converter related repairs are complete
  • Print test result reports: pre- and post-repair
  • Verify vehicle running at max efficiency after repairs and prevent comebacks

Key Benefits:

  • Shorten Diagnostic Time
    Accurate results in one minute

  • Reduce Comebacks
    Run diagnostic test after repairs, “check your work”

  • Sell More Service
    Easy to check ALL cars and find more problems to service

  • Make Customers More Comfortable
    Use print out to better explain necessary service and repairs

  • Find NEW Customers
    Promote FREE Inspections, run your own Car Care event any time

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ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics Analyzer & Diagnostic Software

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October, 2014

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