For technical support, you may call 1-888-685-7287 - Our Technical Support Help Line is available Monday through Saturday 8:00am - 9:00pm (East Coast Time)

 How do I get technical assistance?
Contact the ANSED Technical Support Help Line at +1 (888) 685-7287, Monday through Saturday, 8am to 9pm on the East Coast. English only.

What is the warranty?

KANE Gas Analyzer and Accessories

ANSED makes every effort to insure that the KANE Gas Analyzer, manufactured by Kane International Ltd. (UK), is the highest quality, and warrants all new products it sells to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year, from date of shipment to the original purchaser.

The KANE Gas Analyzer is delivered with a full 12-month warranty on parts and labor that automatically starts on the date of shipment of the unit. TO INSURE MAXIMUM WARRANTY COVERAGE – you must return the Product Registration Form along with proof of purchase (such as a dated receipt) to ANSED Diagnostic Solutions within 30 days of receipt of the unit. The warranty coverage will then start from that date.

Please refer to the LIMITED EXPRESS WARRANTY, included in the packet enclosed within the unit.

ANSED Video Scope and Probes

ANSED Diagnostics Solution LLC warrants only to the original purchaser, that under normal use, care and service, the ANSED Video Scope, Probes and Accessories shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of the original purchase. 

Proof of Purchase is required.  All returned ANSED Video Scopes, Probes and or Adaptors for Warranty consideration will be reviewed by ANSED before repair or replacement is authorized.  This warranty is non-transferable.

What is the Calibration and Service for the Gas Analyzer?
The Calibration and Service at an authorized service center includes:

  1. a complete calibration and reconditioning service;
  2. Replacement of any or all parts required – including, but not limited to Battery, Pump, Filters, Water Trap, and Sensors (excludes NOX Sensor),
  3. Includes a package of five (5) replacement filters when returning the unit,
  4. Return shipment.
  • Should the unit require a replacement NOX Sensor, you will be advised with an estimate for replacement cost.
  • Excludes parts damaged due to physical damage or abuse as described in the Limited Express Warranty statement
  • The cost of the calibration and service is $295.00 (within the United States only). Price quoted is valid through December 31, 2015.

Why do I need to send the unit in for Calibration and Service?
The unit is designed to perform a calibration check and automatic zero procedure at pre-determined times to insure accuracy. During the Calibration and Service performed at an approved service center, all components are tested and adjusted to insure that flow rates and sensors have the proper settings to allow this procedure to take place. As certain sensors age, the service center can make adjustments to bring those sensors back into the center of the calibration range, often extending their useful life and accuracy.

The Gas Analyzer is delivered with a full 12-month warranty on parts and labor that automatically starts on the date of shipment of the unit. Refer to the LIMITED EXPRESS WARRANTY, included with each kit. IMPORTANT – complete and send in the Product Registration Form to insure you receive the latest updates and maximum warranty coverage.

What do I get for my ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics software license subscription?
Every ANSED software license sold includes a one (1) year license for use, access to all updates during the 12-month license period, instructional training of the program and the ability to store all test reports.

What is licensed software?
Licensed software is not purchased, but rather leased for a limited time period. For ANSED, that time period is one (1) year from date of activation. After that time, the software will no longer function, unless the user renews the license subscription. ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics software is fully owned by ANSED Diagnostics LLC.

By licensing the software, ANSED can continue to maintain and improve the software over time, utilizing new technologies in software and incorporating changes that are made to emissions control, and the engine and exhaust systems.

What kind of maintenance on should I expect to perform in normal day-to-day operation of the KANE Gas Analyzer?
The two most important maintenance items for the user to perform:

  1. Drain the water trap as needed.
  2. Replace the filters when they are restricted – or on a monthly basis.

How do I get more filters?
You can either purchase from your reseller, or direct online at

How long should the sensors and other parts last in normal use?

Items like the pump and water trap could easily last up to 4+ years, as long as the daily maintenance procedures of removing water from the water trap and changing the filters as needed.

The Battery, Oxygen Sensor and NOX Sensor each have a more limited lifespan that is dependent upon usage. Most users can expect about 18 months use before a replacement is required. The typical life of a NOX Sensor is often about 2 years.

What can I do to extend the useful life of the Oxygen and NOX Sensors?
There are several things you can do that make a big difference in the life of the sensors:

  1. Keep the water trap drained and never leave the probe on the garage floor where it may pick up water/antifreeze/oil/dirt or other debris.
  2. Shut the pump off when not in use.
  3. Use your analyzer frequently! The more you use the analyzer, the longer the life of the Oxygen sensor as it degrades over time in the presence of oxygen – and there should be little to no oxygen in the tailpipe sample of a running vehicle

For additional support, call 1-888-717-1333 - Our Technical Support Help Line is available Monday through Saturday 8:00am - 9:00pm (East Coast Time)